Why Your Child’s Preschool Teacher Should Have a Degree

February 18, 2019

A lot of people are under the impression that preschool teachers shouldn’t need a degree to teach preschool in Bangkok. After all, the children are only about three to five years old. There’s nothing particularly intensive being taught, right? While this might be true, it shouldn’t mean that a preschool teacher doesn’t need to have a degree. In fact, one study shows that a little under half of all preschool teachers have a bachelor’s degree in early education. On top of that, about 17% have an associate’s degree. This means that a little over 60% of all preschool teachers have some sort of formal education in early education. This is often because no state has a requirement for preschool teachers to have a degree. In fact, only about 10 states require a Child Development Associate Credential or a vocational program. The most that most states require is a high school diploma. Would you really feel comfortable leaving your child under the teachings of someone who only has a high school diploma? One of the best things you can do for your child is to find a preschool teacher who has a degree.

When it comes to helping your child throughout education, there have been countless studies that show a clear connection between a good early education and later success in life. This is because early education helps your child understand how to learn things, even if it’s as simple as counting from one to ten or learning colors. Most parents want the best for their children, and this includes making sure that a child has access to a good early education program. There are numerous reasons why you should search for a preschool teacher who has any sort of degree in early education.

What Does a Degree Mean?

It goes without saying that if someone has a degree in early education, then that person understands how to teach young children. This type of degree focuses on how to teach very young children who do not have fully developed brains. If your child is taught by someone who has no clue what to do, your child might not learn how to prepare for school. This means that when your child first goes to kindergarten, he or she is going to have a very hard time adjusting. On the other hand, if you choose to take your child to a preschool that is taught by someone with a degree, you can rest assured knowing that the teacher is working with your child to establish behaviors that will make it easier for your child to succeed not just in kindergarten and the rest of elementary school, but in life.

Is There Proof?

Some people might be concerned about there being proof on whether or not a degree makes a difference. In fact, there are quite a few studies that show that a preschool teacher with a degree actually does make a difference in how young children develop. For instance, a study in Oklahoma, where the Head Start programs require teachers to have a degree in early education, found that the children taught had significant improvements in areas such as cognition, language, and motor skills. This goes to show that being taught by a teacher with a degree in early education truly does make a difference.

There is one study, called the Perry Preschool Project, that followed children from preschool all the way through age 40. The children who went to a high-quality preschool where the teachers had degrees were shown to have “had higher earnings, committed fewer crimes; were more likely to hold a job, and were more likely to have graduated high school.” The classrooms were all lead by teachers who had a bachelor’s degree in early education, which also goes to show that it really does make a difference in whether or not a preschool teacher has a degree.

Even studies that are designed to simply show the impact of preschool on children show a positive correlation between teachers with bachelor’s degrees in early education. If studies that are not solely focused on a teacher’s degrees show that there is a positive correlation, it is easy to say that it makes a large difference. If you want to make sure that your child has the best chances possible for a successful future and career, one of the best things you can do is check and see if there is a preschool teacher who has a bachelor’s degree in early education. Being able to send your child to such a preschool will do wonders for everyone involved.