If your child is studying in the United States, Parents need to pay attention to this!

April 29, 2019

It is a matter of pride for every parent if the child is studying in the United States. However, as the saying goes, the mother worries that child is far away from the United States, and she can help less at home. You can tell your child to pay attention to these things in the United States!

The most important thing for all parents is probably their children’s health, because health is the most important thing no matter how they study. As many of you may have heard, medical expenses in the United States are very expensive, and a minor illness may cost a lot. Many overseas students are worried about the cost of the small delay into a serious illness. At this time, international student insurance (also known as留学生保险) can be said to be a good choice. American schools will make it mandatory for international students to buy health insurance. Schools will offer some health insurance plans, but not all. Therefore, international students need to choose some appropriate commercial insurance according to their own situation. Here we recommend Huhu insurance(also known as虎虎保险), which is popular among international students every year.

Another problem is finding a job after graduation. Many foreign students do not know, the United States companies in the recruitment generally follow the principle of proximity, they think that the students in the nearby school they will know better, will be more convenient, so generally not in the field of recruitment. If your child attends school in New York , it’s a good idea to do an internship in New York(also known as纽约实习) or find a job in New York (also known as纽约找工作) after graduation, otherwise you may be rejected by the company.

Then there is the green card issue. Everyone who has the dream of studying abroad wants to get the green card of the United States. However, there are a certain number of green cards issued every year, so the requirements are very strict. Every year, many people fail to apply for the green card. There is also a long waiting list for a green card (also known as绿卡排期). If your child wants to apply for a green card, you’d better advise him to find a reliable immigration lawyer (also known as移民律师) to help him apply.