All About Selecting The Right International School For Your Child!

October 2, 2018

No matter how many books you read, being a parent is never an easy job. There are tough decisions to take, and each one influences the present and future of your child. Parents usually have serious doubts when it comes toselecting the right school for their little one. As someone with apprehensions, you have to look at the right things and take a call. Below is an easy guide on how you can select a school that offers more than just basic education.

  • Start with the credentials. Find a school that’s accredited by different organizations. A good name would be the Council of International Schools (CIS). Accredited schools, such as Panyaden International School Chiang Mai, usually have a standard curriculum, and you can be assured that the learning process will be a more collaborative one, where the individual skill sets of the child will be considered. International schools are also expected to be a part of various organizations pertaining to the region or country.
  • Ask around. As a parent, you only can understand a school better by talking to fellow parents. It is more than important to take references, recommendations, so that sorting the choices becomes an easy job. A good idea is to check for reviews online. You may want to know if there are any serious complaints or negative feedback about a particular school.
  • What the school offers. Expectedly, all schools are focused on curriculum and basic education, but your child needs more. Find a good school that focuses on relevant aspects, such as environmental care, sustainable growth and so on. Whatever they learn in school is what they will practice in the real world, and for that, practical exposure is important.

Pay a visit

No matter how good a school may sound, you have to visit the premises and see the kind of environment that it offers. The school authorities should be able to convince you of the potential and platform that the child will get by taking admission here. Of course, there’s also the cost of education you have to consider, but spending a tad more on your child’s learning experience is never a bad idea. Most schools have their websites, where you can find more about extracurricular activities and other things that the particular school offers, which gives a good insight into the actual life within the premises.

Check online now and find the best schools near you!