3 Jobs You Are Qualified for After Working as a Bartender

November 10, 2018

If you have ever worked as a bartender before, you will get to know how skilled a bartender has to be to entertain their customer’s orders. A bartender is the one, who greets you with a smile, works tirelessly round the clock to satiate the customer’s needs, confident and creative at the same time to serve the right set of drinks to you by adding a bit of creativity to surprise you. Apart from that, a bartender also needs to manage the inventory in a better way to ensure minimal damages and maximum profit that the business can get. It is not an easy task, but like  École du bar de Montréal suggests, it opens a lot of opportunities for you if you ever happen to move out of the industry after serving as a bartender for a couple of years.

Brand Sales Representative (BSR)

You can choose your career option as a brand sales representative who works directly with the producers of liquor – right from breweries, wineries, and distilleries. As a BSR, your job is to ensure that the orders are received and fulfilled correctly. You are also required to enhance the company’s visibility to the maximum number of restaurants and pubs in your vicinity. This is considered as one of the most lucrative career options after you have served as a bartender for at least 2-3 years.

General Manager

Once you have gained the requisite amount of experience as a bartender, you can actually apply to become the general manager of a reputable restaurant or bar. As a manager, you are supposed to monitor and ensure that all the restaurant operations happen smoothly, which may include hiring qualified staff, managing them according to their qualities, taking care of the inventory, raising the service quality and standard to attract more customers. As a bartender you would have seen it all – from pressure to working for extended hours. Now, it is time for you to educate the new staff who may join the restaurant under your vigilance.

Wine and Spirits Merchandiser

Generally, merchandisers work for liquor distributors. They happen to be very much responsible for visiting the retail-based accounts to make sure that the products offered by the distributors are displayed properly. They also make sure that the brand image is reflected positively. As a merchandiser, you need to be vigilant to check the stock inventory and also the product validity to ensure that no defective product reaches the customer location. The employers who hire them are generally looking for people who have experience in the liquor industry.

These are a few of the lucrative options, which open their doors to you after you have served a handful of years as a bartender in this field. If you can survive as a bartender for a couple of years, you can love to enjoy the work even under pressure after choosing another path for enhancing your career.